User defined fields

In TimeTrack 1.6, a new feature has been introduced - "Custom fields" (or just "Fields"). Logged activities contain start and finish times, tags/comment (optionally) »

TimeTrack and Pomodoro

Super productive people strive to make the most out of every single minute. However, concentrating all day is not always possible. Numerous tips on how to »


我们很高兴在App Store中推出最新版本的“最佳时间跟踪应用——”。
这次将有很多新功能,我们相信你会很喜欢。 特征 快速选择标签(会员功能) 如果您需要经常输入标签,这个新功能很适合您。不用每次打开“编辑活动”页面,您可以在活动开始后快速选择标签。 
在设置中,设定需要“开始活动时选择标签”的活动类型: 现在,当您启动此类型的活动时,您将在活动选项卡上获得类似的内容: 或在窗口小部件中这样的内容: 标签类型(会员功能) »

Calendar integration

Please note that this is the first version of calendar integration. If you have some ideas or if you find bugs, please share them in Comments »