timetrack.io 1.2 is here

The latest version of timetrack.io is now available in the AppStore. This version introduces places, watch complications, a total duration goal and pomodoro support in the Today Widget


Place is geographical region you can set up. For example; your house, gym or work office location. Setting up places provides for geofencing - receiving notifications when you enter or leave a place.

To create a new place, touch More / Places and then press on the "+" button
Edit place image You can select when to be notified (on leaving and/or entering a place) and what types to display in notification suggestions.

I created "Home" place, checked to notify when leaving location and added "Walk" as a leave type. The screen cap below displays what I saw when I left home:
Place notification If you press on "Start Walk", the walk activity will start immediately. Pressing on "Start new" opens the application

Important! Notifications are shown on iOS 10 only. iOS 8/9 will also be supported soon

Watch Complications

Watch complications display the current running activity right on the watch face. You no longer need to open the app to see how much time you have already spent on your activity.


Pomodoro widgets

This is the most anticipated feature for people using Pomodoro in timetrack.io
Pomodoro widget

Total duration goal

This new goal type allows you to see the total time tracked for a specified activity type. This type of goal provides motivation to track time more often
Total duration

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