Android Wear is supported but installation it is a bit complex. Some time later I hope it will be easy installed from Play Store but due to some complexity it's not possible now.

First of all, it's supported only in aTimeLogger Pro

To install it you need to know what is adb .

  1. Download Android Wear apk here
  2. Connect watch to your laptop / desktop, find IP of your watch (you can find it in watch connection settings) and execute adb connect YOUR_IP:5555, for example adb connect
  3. Now adb install /path/to/file/wear-production.apk
  4. If you have a warning that you have multiple devices connected you need 1) execute adb devices 2) add -s YOUR_DEVICE_ID, for example adb -s 12345abcd install /path/to/file/app-production-release.apk

After installation complete you can use watch app. It's very simple - it allows start/stop/pause/resume activities only. It has a limitation - it cannot be used independently from your phone. It means your phone should always be available (same network or bluetooth)