Can I customize activity types?

Press '+' button on Types tab, enter name, select icon/color and save it.

This is the most frequent question from Android users. It seems it's not obvious that '+' button on navigation bar has different functionality for each tab

Can two activities run simultaneously?

Often people write in AppStore/GooglePlay that they miss such possibility. There is no limit on number of simultaneous activities but by default when start new activity current running activity is paused. You can override it in Settings / Activities / Action on start (Settings / Action on start on Android) by setting it to None

I forgot to start activity. How can I fix it?

If you are still running the activity press '+' button on Activities tab, set Start date to date when you really started it, select Type and press on Save button

If you finished the activity already go to History tab, press '+' button, select Type, add interval by pressing '+' button on Intervals and press on Save button

How to group activity types?

Groups for activity types is the same as folders for files - they can include other groups and activity types.

To create group go to Types tab, press on '+' button, enable 'Group' checkbox and enter fields like for type. After saving the group appears on Types tab. There are 2 ways to add type into group:

  • go to group details screen, press on '+' button in Items section and select group/activity type you want to add ;
  • go to details screen of type (or group) you want to move to group, press on Move to button and select group
How to reorder activity types?


  1. On Types tab select Manual order in navigation bar (on iOS)
  2. Do long press (1.5 - 2 sec) on list of types to activate reorder mode
  3. Reorder types and press 'Save'


  1. Simply reorder with drag & drop
How to restore password?

Sync password expires after some time. To restore it visit this page -

Why I get something like Work+Dinner in statistics?

If you see something like Work+Dinner in report/pie chart it means there were intersections in your entries.
For example you logged:

  • Work (10am - 7pm);
  • Dinner (2pm - 3pm)

Report will show Work (8 hrs) and Work+Dinner (1 hr).
But sometimes it's not obvious you have intersection. The reason is that start/stop/pause saves interval with seconds part while manual enter of dates saves with minutes part only.

For example you stopped Walk by pressing on Stop button at 2:00:40. Then at 3pm you realized that you didn't log Dinner, so you entered it manually (2:00pm - 3:00pm). As you see there's small intersection of 40 seconds and in report it will be shown as Walk+Dinner. Right now there's no elegant solution. You need to use minutes precision (iOS only) or you can edit Walk interval manually (you just need to re-save it).

How to find reports saved "to documents"

Connect device to laptop, open iTunes and go to Apps tab. Scroll down to "File Sharing" section, find aTimeLogger (or timetrack) and press on it - Documents content should be shown on the right

Backup and restore

Recorded data is very important and loosing it is a big failure. There are 2 ways in aTimeLogger 2 to be sure your data won't be lost: web sync and manual backups. Web sync is preferred as your data is always stored in our cloud but it doesn't work for some people.
For these people we added manual backup/restore feature


Go to More tab and go to "Backup/Restore". Press on "+" button in top right to create backup. Enter name and press "Save" - backup created. You can send the backup to your email or find it in Documents in iTunes (see "How to find reports saved to Documents" above).

To restore data open backup file (e.g find it in email attachment) - app will start asking if you want to restore it


Go to More / About, press on "Create backup" button and save it somewhere.

Restoring data is a bit trickier. Move backup file in Downloads folder. Install ES File Explorer and find the file in the folder. Press on it and it should launch aTimeLogger and suggest to restore data

UPDATE. Instead of ES File Explorer it's better to use File Manager from Mobile Clean System Lab