One of the biggest changes in Android 8 (Oreo) is a Notification Channels system. Notifications can be split into multiple channels and each channel can be set up by a user. Let's see how it works in aTimeLogger and TimeTrack

There are 3 notification channels: 1. running activity, 2. remind me and 3. goals.

Channels list
Running activity

Running activity is a notification with timer that is shown when activities are running.

Running notification

Be careful with notification priority; if you set it to the highest value, then popover will be shown for 3 seconds each time you start the activity.

Running notification with high priority
Remind Me

It's self-explanatory. Utilize notification settings for remind functionality.


This is the most interesting notification channels.
Goal notification is a notification that is shown when a goal is reached. In the screenshot below there is a separate group for goal notifications. You can create a separate notification for each goal (Note: this is a premium feature).

Edit goal

2. To add a new channel, press on "Edit" and you will see a list of goal notification channels.

List of goal notifications
New channel setup

4. After the channel setup, go back to the Edit Goal screen and set the channel for goal.

New channel available on edit goal

If you want to remove channels in the future - navigate to the channels list from "Edit goal" screen, press on channel you want to delete and then press on "Remove" in the popup.