Calendar integration

Please note that this is the first version of calendar integration. If you have some ideas or if you find bugs, please share them in Comments or send by email to

Finally, calendar integration features are available since version 1.3.

You need to enable Calendar in Settings (Privacy, etc.) and select the Calendars you want to utilize.
Calendar Settings

It's useful for the following use cases

Save logged time to calendar

Let's say that you want some time records you have already logged in to be saved in "My day" Calendar. Add "My day" Calendar in Calendar Settings. Now, press on the Calendar and check "Post activities to calendar". When it's checked, you can add Types inside.
Calendar Export These are the Types that will be posted to Calendar automatically. For example; if you add "Sport", then, after pausing or stopping "Sport", will automatically post the logged time record(s) to "My day" calendar.

Schedule time with

Think of as just another Calendar app with some useful extensions.
You can see calendar events (for selected Calendars) on the Events screen.
Calendar Events You can create a new Event or edit an existing Event. You can set a reminder sound.
Calendar Event The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can assign a Type to an Event and start the Activity directly from the reminder notification.
Event Notification