In aTimeLogger 1.6.11 URL scheme actions were added for starting/stopping/pausing activities. The format is:




How it works?

Application look ups for activity type by its name and if it finds exactly one type then:

  • if action is start it starts activity of type found by applying 'Action on Start' rule;
  • if action is pause or stop it looks up for running activities of type found and if only one activity found it pauses/stops it. If more than one activities found (it's a bit strange when you run 2 or more activities of same type simultaneously, isn't it?) it does nothing.
Improvements planned

Some of users use lot of types with the same name but in different groups. If they have 'Type 1' in 'Group A' and 'Type 1' in 'Group B' then there's no way to use 'Type 1' now. I plan to add syntax for defining what type is exactly needed - just pass exact path. E.g


will search for 'type1' in 'subgroup1' that is located inside 'group1' only.

What about new app?

The same rules apply to TimeTrack.IO but it starts with timetrackio: